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My Instagram Detox

Guys, I haven’t been on Instagram in a hot minute (3 months to be exact) and guess what! I’m still alive!! I know, I’m surprised too, I thought I may suffer from MAJOR withdrawals but surprisingly, my breakup with Instagram was cold and quick, and actually pretty easy. I never thought I would delete the… Continue reading My Instagram Detox

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Gym Motivation

Around the age of 18, before I even stepped foot in a gym, never did I think 6 years later I would be one of those ‘gym freaks’ who train 4-5 times a week and actually care, for the most part, about what I eat and how healthy it is for me. But the thing… Continue reading Gym Motivation

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How to trust God during hard times

Okkk so how many times in life do things go completely OPPOSITE to how we planned and we wonder whyyyy God, whyyyy? There are many times in life where things may not go as we planned and we sometimes take that as God punishing us or not caring about us, maybe even that he hates… Continue reading How to trust God during hard times

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2019: Goals

Happy New Year! With a New Year, usually comes new goals, new beginnings and a chance for us to start FRESH. So I’m taking this opportunity to give this blogging thing another go after my TWO WHOLE blog posts in 2018 😂 I truly believe that every day is a new chance for us to… Continue reading 2019: Goals

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Fitness.. a lifestyle?!

Have you always wanted to workout or even just be healthier, but think it's too much of a drastic change? Eating barely anything for a week except smoothies/detox teas/lettuce..? And then finding yourself binging the next week to make up for everything you missed out on eating? As someone who was naturally skinny, especially when… Continue reading Fitness.. a lifestyle?!